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Comtrust Screen Capture quality monitoring across all channels

Comtrust extends SAP Contact Center functionality with screen recording. Screen Capture is the latest Comtrust’s “add-on” and provides deep insight into implementation of customer service procedures and processes, provides better assessment of agents’ work and their productivity.

For years, call center agents quality monitoring was based on listening to calls but it has been changing now. Listening to calls gives limited understanding of what is happening during customer service and conversations. If you are not able to simultaneously listen and watch how agents handle calls you can’t manage customer service efficiently. You don’t know if agents follow procedures and promises given to customers. Even if your employees do what they should do (which doesn’t happens always) without screen recording you can’t identify costly and time consuming issues and moderate them.

Screen Capture Comtrust is add-on to SAP Contact Center which records agents’ screens. It is adapted to multilingual customer service and operations on several monitors. It also considers specific customer service during and after conversation. Screen records are associated with calls records. Access to them is managed by roles and permissions. Recordings can be described with many different markers and categorized arbitrarily so than they can be searched without any problems according to many different criteria.

Screen recording is a very important tool in omnichannel customer service and customer experience. It also helps in trainings of new agents tuning the speed they learn. Screen recording analytics optimize work, streamline processes and better manage contact center operations.

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