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Dedicated software

Adapted to company needs

Comtrust provides dedicated and copyright applications which are created according to customer requirements if standard solutions do not cover all their needs or require complex modifications. Customized IT system fits the customer specific processes and standards, significantly improves the performance of the company, without generating additional loads.

Integration in homogenous environment

One of the major Comtrust specialization in the area of customized-solution-creation is that the company integrates multiple systems and multiple data sources into one centrally-managed-system. Proper presentation of data on one screen together with customized processes and procedures, are particularly important in customer service. Customer service or call center teams provide service and solve problems based on information and data from various business systems – accounting, inventory, web stores, logistics and CRM. Often, after the contact with customers staff has to fill several systems with the information received during each contact. Comtrust prepares dedicated applications and systems to let workflows be efficient, procedures tailored to the customer service process, and the data does not have to be manually copied.

Comtrust dedicated applications:

  • Integration with other systems
  • business processes rationalization
  • lower costs
  • increase the quality of services
  • homogeneous architecture
  • stability of the whole environment

Interaction Center

Interation Center is the most popular dedicated applications. Comtrust’s solution enables customer contact management. It allows collection of information about all phone calls and contacts and gives possibility to classify them for statistical and reporting purposes. The system includes approval process, workflow and other functionalities required by each customer. The open architecture enables rapid development of the system with new functionalities needed for efficient management of customer service processes.

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