Intelligent cyberagent from Comtrust

Jan 8, 2020 | Press Release

Comtrust introduces a cyberagent. How they did it? By enhancing SAP Conversational AI functionality from a chatbot to a voicebot. From now on, SAP intelligent bot which chats with customers is also able to talk to them by phone, like a human. Comtrust not only gave the chatbot a “human voice” but also integrated it with the SAP C/4 Hana package. Why? To improve customer experience – if the bot isn’t able to handle customers’ queries then the conversation with its entire conversation history is forwarded to a live agent.

Artificial Intelligence powers customer service. Chatbots keep traffic lower and relieve service agents from simple tasks so that they can deal with more complex cases. Chatbots are programmed to give answers for repetitive questions and provide information stored in the knowledge base or business systems. SAP Conversational AI is not only intelligent but it also supports different communication channels simultaneously, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Skype, WWW Webchat forms and other channels, including those integrated by Comtrust like Amazon Alexa and phone.

Talking to a cyberagent is like talking to a human agent. Comtrust has “unmuted” the SAP chatbot by using AudioCodes Voice.AI Gateway which enhances chatbot functionality allowing human-bot communications with through voice (voicebot). Employing AudioCodes’ Voice.AI Gateway service provides you with a singlevendor solution, assisting you in migrating your text-based chatbot experience into a voicebased chatbot. As such, the Voice.AI Gateway provides and uses various APIs for different communication voice cognitive services that convert voice to text (STT) and text to voice (TTS) such as Azure, Google, and AWS. In a case of Polish language Google and Amazon Polly work perfectly. Additionally, the Voice.AI Gateway provides advanced call management capabilities, for example, call disconnect, call transfer to a human agent, and call recording.

Chatbots enhance customer experience only if they don’t remain customers’ inquires unsolved. That is why Comtrust integrated SAP Conversational AI with SAP Contact Center and SAP C/4 Hana. If the chatbot, texting or talking, fails to handle an inquiry then the conversation is in real time redirected to a human agent with the entire conversation history, regardless the channel. The agent knows the full context and doesn’t need to ask the same questions as the bot did before and conversation details are stored in SAP C/4 Hana clouds.

“SAP Conversational AI – chatbot – is a multichannel and multilingual solution and with very low efforts can significantly improve customer service – said Waldemar Wojtas Senior Consultant from Comtrust. It provides a number of reports that help to maintain bot’s knowledge base and improve management of customer service. Importantly, SAP chatbot is easy to develop for business people without deep IT knowledge. It can be successfully used in geographically dispersed organizations serving customers in many countries and different languages.”

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