Is SAP Contact Center GDPR compliant?

Mar 13, 2018 | Press Release

Comtrust remends of the deadline for adapting organizations and IT systems to GDPR requirements and informs about new functionalities that SAP Center Center introduces due to GDPR.

Each organization becoming compliant to GDPR has to increase spending on personal data protection and data security. In the case of customer service and call center, call recordings are the critical point. Companies must adapt software to respond dynamically to customers consent or denying for recording and cancel recordings on demand. By 25 May 2018 every customer has the right to refuse call recording and demand to delate it.

Does it mean that customers who don’t want to be recorded won’t get customer service by phone?

As from the newest release SAP Contact Center enables implementation of the GDPR processes, such as right to access, right to be forgotten and data portability. They are achieved from the newly added role of “Data Protection Officer”. A couple of new functions are added to support capturing customer consents. For example when a customer calls  it is possible to use a consent IVR to ask permission for recording the call. The consent value (given or denied) can be saved in database for later use. Consents are included in Personal Data Report. If a customer does not consent to call recordings, then the call is still reported but no voice stream will be recorded (bypassing recording module MRS). SAP Contact Center also respect the customer’s GDPR rights in all communication channels and campaigns.

Additionally, SAP Contact Center offers special reporting and data administration tools. They enable a Data Protection Officer to search personal data according GDPR requirements and delete selected data when requested. To improve it the systems enables data retention times management and automatic contact event data removal. It is possible to define how long time contacts and completed or expired outbound campaigns are stored in the system.

“SAP adapting its contact center to GDPR also tooks into account situations when recording must be forced – said Joanna Lisiecka-Pytlakowska from Comtrust. In the desktop, agents may be able to record the call even if the customer has not given permission for the recording if there is an emergency or a threatening situation.”

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