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Skype for Business

Comtrust in co-operation with the Finish telco provider –  Benemen provides Hosted Microsoft Lync Services (Skype for Business).

Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync) Services provided by Comtrust come with full voice, conferencing and call center capabilities. By providing all communication services from one cloud based platform the company’s communication system can be changed into a solution that will boost business processes and will make information available from all communication events to improve decision making and management. The platform is created and made affordable to companies of all size.

Opinions after implementation

Successful Implementations - 100%
Projects completed in 90 days- 80%
Increase in First Contact Resolution - 63%

Calls that are made directly to the mobile numbers can be answered on Skype for Business if they want. Presence is automatically synchronized, so for example if a user is busy on the mobile, his coworkers can see this in Skype for Business as well. Every user can be a call center agent, and every agent can use either Skype for Business or his mobile to answer calls.

Unified Communications
fixed and mobile

Phone and video
full capability

Work group tools
video conference

Call Center


  • One telecommunications infrastructure for multiple locations

  • Inteligent routing without roaming costs

  • Hardware reduction

Detailed features

Intelligent Routing

The intelligent routing features of the communication solutions are also used to further save telephone costs. Especially important when users are abroad, this will contribute to significant savings as no expensive roaming charges have to be paid for answering these calls abroad.


Conferencing services – to meet and collaborate with colleagues and customers is of course part of the Skype for Business service. These services are further complemented with local dial in numbers in over 60 countries around the world allowing companies to save money when dialing in via telephone is a requirement.

Unified Communications

Hosted Skype for Business services is fully integrated with the communication solutions offered by Comtrust  –  voice, conferencing and call center functionality. This means that Lync users for example can work as contact center agents, but also that they can answer their calls on their mobile if they want.


All communication events generate reporting data that can easily be transformed into visual reports for management guidance and decision making. In state-of-the-art reports all desired communication events can be followed and analyzed. The reports can for example be incoming and outgoing call loads, companywide service levels, ongoing calls, missed calls,  mail traffic between customers and a company, CRM-solution (Calls can be attached to for example customers or contacts) or other external information systems, etc.

Mobile Telephony

Mobile services is a compelling and integral part of the communications portfolio. In countries where the Comtrust’s partner – Benemen is a mobile operator, Comtrust can offer mobile subscriptions, providing mobile services fully integrated with the communication solution. With attractive pricing, and fixed to mobile convergence, the mobile services form a compelling and integral part of the communications portfolio. The telecom integration is done at network level. Through this mobiles become really part of the communications solution. Communication works the same for all devices.

Integration Platform

The integration capabilities of the communication platform enable further business process improvement. Communication process data for all communication events can be retrieved to customers’ own existing BI platforms, combining communication process data with business process data. It is especially important in case of Microsoft Dynamics. Furthermore, Integration Platform enables call routing according to business rules, like routing based on customer responsibility or VIP callers.

Availability Management

Availability management is based on unique user-based availability instead of the classical terminal based availability chains.

The idea and the usage of availability management is made easy as it should be. The user chooses the availability status matching the situation and technology takes care of the rest. Besides this also the busy status of mobile devices is synchronized with the presence status, allowing availability information to always show correctly how and when users can be contacted. Because with the solution, the integration between Unified Communications and mobile is done on the network level, the availability will always show the correct status, regardless of the device used.

Call Center Functionality

With intelligent routing capabilities Call Center receives whole new possibilities

Call Recording

Anywhere, Anytime on any Device

The call recording solution can record all calls regardless from which device or to what number calls were made. Mobile recording is done based on settings in the network level and does not require any application to be run on the mobile devices.

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