Omnichannel Marketing Tactics

A winning customer engagement strategy depends on a number of factors, with marketing tactics being one of the most critical. The specific tactics you use, the campaigns you run — these will dictate your ability to reach customers, inspire them to take action, and drive conversions that boost revenue. Although every brand is different and has its own unique audiences, the most successful brand marketers across verticals benefit from leveraging the same essential omnichannel marketing tactics to drive customer engagement. Let’s dive in to explore the tactics you’ll want to include in your holiday or seasonal sale strategy to ensure growth and revenue.

Welcome Campaign


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The holidays are the most important time of year to have your welcome campaigns dialed in. That’s because you’ll have a surge of new customers shopping with your brand for the first time. If your goal is to build long, sustained relationships with each and every customer, first impressions matter. So make sure you get off on the right foot with a well-crafted, automated welcome campaign.

Welcome Campaign Tips

·        Use creative content that aligns with your brand’s tone and voice (and company values) so customers get a true sense of who you are.

·        Welcome campaign messages should be warm and inviting, not pushy or overly sales-focused.

·        Use the widest breadth of channels possible so customers feel welcomed no matter which channel they prefer.

Abandoned Cart


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It’s a quandary that has tormented many marketers since the advent of online shopping: “Why did the customer add all those items to their cart, but not complete their purchase?” Perhaps the customer became distracted, lost momentum, or balked at the final price when everything was added up. But ultimately, the reason why they abandoned their cart is less important than what you, the marketer, do to re-engage those customers. With the influx of shoppers on your website during the busy holiday shopping season, you’re bound to have an increase in abandoned carts. Abandoned cart campaigns should be a mainstay in your holiday customer engagement strategy so you can save as many of those sales as possible.

Abandoned Cart Campaign Tips

·        Leverage personalization when possible to put those abandoned items front and center for the customer with a message that’s tailored to the customer.

·        Use a soft touch when asking for a customer to complete their purchase — if you’re too blunt or pushy asking for the sale, they’re less likely to be receptive.

·        Automate your abandoned cart campaigns so they reach the customer at the right time for maximum impact.

Price Drop


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Who doesn’t like to save money? The majority of your customers on any given day would be excited to find out an item they’ve been browsing is now reduced in price — but during the holidays, when customers are even more price sensitive, this tactic is extra potent.

Assuming your data is fully unified and product inventory updated in real time, you can automate a price drop campaign to let customers know that a product or service they’ve explored is now less expensive. This is especially useful to convert holiday shoppers who previously browsed your products and services while gathering gift ideas

Price Drop Campaign Tips

Go for the widest audience and utilize your full range of channels — email, digital ads, push, web, or wherever your target audiences are at.

Price drop tactics work great with wish list items. No better time than the holidays to let a customer know that something they saved on their wish list has dropped in price.

For greater impact, incorporate time constraints into your campaign copy. “For a limited time” or “while supplies last” will ensure customers who want this product won’t hesitate.

Sale Event Campaign


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Shoppers know to expect special sales and promotional events, especially around the holidays. But with so many other brands clamoring for your customers’ attention, you’ll want to make plenty of noise about your sales events to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Don’t let your holiday or seasonal sales go unnoticed. Use sale event campaigns to let your customers know they have a limited-time opportunity to get great products at great prices — perfect for gifts or for themselves.

Sale Campaign Tips

·        Even though your holiday sales deals may be for everyone, use personalization in your marketing when possible to ensure the recipient feels valued and appreciated.

·        Holiday Sale Campaign Tips Your competitors are likely promoting sales of their own. Use creative copy and unique visuals so that your campaigns stand out.

·        Flash sales can draw new customers to your brand, so use a wide range of channels to get the message out there.



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An out-of-stock product can be frustrating for a customer, especially if they’re doing their holiday shopping and the one item left on their list is unavailable. You might even push them into the arms of a competitor if you can’t provide the desired goods. So, as your inventory gets replenished all the time, you’ll want to notify customers right away when previously depleted products are back on the shelves.

The great thing about a back-in-stock campaign is that you’re sending customers a personalized message about a product they’ve either already purchased previously, or have expressed interest in purchasing, but couldn’t complete the transaction due to inventory. This makes it highly relevant, which means they’re more likely to engage with it — and they’ll also appreciate that you’ve kept them in mind.

Back-In-Stock Campaign Tips

·        Ensure your data and channels are unified so you can send customers

·        1:1 back-in-stock engagements in real time Other items back in stock, too? A back-in-stock email is a good time to make additional personalized product recommendations to your customers.

·        These same principles apply to new items as well — use your breadth of channels to let customers know when exciting new items have arrived in your inventory.

Personalized Mobile Wallet Coupon


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For retailers, discounts can be a particularly powerful incentive during the holidays. Customers are looking to spend, while still being conscious of their budgets. If your brand has a holiday sale or an event happening, you can let your customer know in an impactful way and get them into your store by delivering a coupon right to their wallet… their digital wallet, that is.

More than half of consumers (51%) say there is no need for them to carry a physical wallet now that they have a mobile wallet. So a great way to reach customers is with personalized coupons on limited-time offers, BOGO promotions, or other one-time-use discounts that can be added to their Google or Apple Wallet. These coupons can then be applied directly at the point of purchase when shopping in-store. Not only does this encourage customers to spend with your brand, but it also helps you identify online customers at the store level, so you can close the loop on the online-to-offline experience.

Personalized Mobile Wallet Coupon Tips

·        Use email initially to connect with customers, then invite them to add a coupon directly to their digital wallet for easy and convenient in-store savings.

·        Lead with value and offer the mobile wallet coupon as a way to reduce friction and make the checkout process faster — saving customers time during holiday shopping is a huge benefit!

·        Gather opt-in so you can deliver future incentives directly to a customer’s mobile wallet. Use SMS to deliver reminders to opted-in customers who haven’t used their coupon yet.

First-Time to Repeat Buyer


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The holiday season (or sale time) isn’t just about selling to as many one-anddone shoppers as you can. It’s also about building relationships that lead to more loyal customers and increasing customer lifetime value.

But you don’t have to wait until after the holidays to start the nurturing process. Automate first-time to repeat buyer campaigns across multiple channels, and incorporate personalization tokens so that the content your first-time buyers receive following their purchase is highly relevant and meaningful. A personalized recommendation is much more likely to drive that crucial second purchase that nudges a customer further along their journey with your brand.

First-Time to Repeat Buyer Campaign Tips

·        Make sure to get the timing right. If you reach out too soon asking for another sale, you’ll seem too pushy. But don’t wait so long that your customer forgets about your brand.

·        Try A/B testing different creative content to see what resonates. If you’re still in the holiday season, align your message with any holiday promotions or post-holiday sales events.

·        If you really want to earn your customer’s trust and loyalty, you can follow up with a request for post-purchase feedback, ask customers to complete a survey, or even provide relevant holiday information (store hours, return policies, etc.). This is a nice way to remain engaged with customers without asking them to make another purchase.

Join Loyalty


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One of the most important tactics you can include in your holiday and seasonal sales customer engagement strategy is a campaign to drive sign ups for your loyalty program.

A loyalty program provides customers nice benefits in terms of accruing rewards and getting perks (free shipping, VIP access, etc.). It also provides great benefits to your brand in the form of the zero-party data you gather from loyalty customers, and the fact that loyalty members purchase more items, more often, and at higher values.

Plus, holiday shoppers may be more inclined to sign up for a loyalty program to capitalize on the points they’ll earn for their holiday purchases — which makes the holidays a perfect time to push for loyalty signups.

Join Loyalty Campaign Tips

·        This is another campaign where it’s important to lead with value — tell your customer what’s in it for them when they join the program.

·        When asking loyalty members for their personal info and data, give them assurance about how you’ll protect their data and how you’ll use it responsibly to provide them a better, more personalized  shopping experience.

·        Give customers the option to add a loyalty card to their mobile wallet. This makes it easier for them to rack up points when shopping instore, and it helps remove the friction of in-store identification.

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