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Polish Comtrust for O2 on the British Isles

A Polish limited liability company Comtrust Sp. z o.o., in cooperation with Combine Systems UK,  will implement a SAP Business Communications Management contact center at O2, a member of the Telefonica Group and leading provider of mobile telecommunication services in Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The contact center project is about to be launched in November 2010 in Dublin.

The first stage of the SAP BCM implementation, in which Comtrust is engaged, involves starting an internal call center for O2 in Ireland. Several dozen agents will be conducting help desk services for O2 employees to be able to include all the operator’s agents in the SAP BCM after the pilot project stage.

Basing on the SAP BCM, a multi-national contact center will be created. Several hotlines offering services in 4 different languages will be created. Further implementation stages will include: integration with SAP CRM, expansion of call centre workplaces and implementation of an e-mail channel.

Comtrust Sp. z o.o. cooperates directly with SAP AG (Germany) and is a licensed seller of the SAP Business Communications Management contact center system in an on-demand (SaaS/CaaS) model in European Economic Area countries. It employs consultants who are among few in Europe to have a long standing experience in implementing SAP BMS, both in in-house and on-demand systems.

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