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Predictive Dialer

Are you looking for a solution that maximizes agents work time, and simultaneously takes care of customers comfort in telecampaigns? We offer:

  • Predictive Dialer
  • SIP Early Media

Opinions after implementations

Successful Implementations - 100%
Projects completed in 90 days- 80%
Increase in First Contact Resolution - 63%

Predictive Dialer

Comtrust offers predictive dialers Sytel and Collab, the best of breed software engines. Their robots make more phone calls than there are agents available and connect only picked-up-calls. The robots aims at the excellence of outbound campaigns through performance maximization. This automatic system dials contacts previously, and delivers agents only the valid calls (answered). In order to reduce error situations such as busy, voicemail, unresponsive, etc., more calls are made than the number of available agents, in order to maximize productivity. Parallel robots in real time analyse statistical information to provide the lowest possible wait times given the users objectives on abandoned calls. Agents do not receive busy or incorrect calls, only those with the human voice (neither voice mail nor fax).

Although predictive diallers offered by Comtrust meet the most restrictive telemarketing standards of American and British markets, the company decided to expand its offer with SIP Early Media. It is the answer to the current market needs to treat customers individually.

SIP Early Media

SIP Early Media is an engine which does not only dial calls in call centres but also reads information from a telecommunications network. In practice, agents get calls to handle only when there is a ringing tone and they never waste agent time listening to a busy line signal or messages such as: “the number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable”. If there is no answer, the application automatically classifies the call and establishes a new connection. This makes agents start their work exactly when they are due to hold a conversation. SIP Early Media differs from predictive diallers mainly in that it does not make an excessive number of calls. At the same time it enables you to make the most of your workforce. Additionally, it guarantees client comfort: a fundamental value in building customer loyalty.

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