SAP Contact Center for Proama Insurance Customer Services

Feb 9, 2012 | Press Release

Comtrust has just completed the process of implementation of the SAP Business Communications Management contact centre system at Proama. The SAP BCM system facilitates consultants’ work and the overall process of customer services in the Polish Customer Services Department at Proama. Its main purpose is to manage calls and tasks.

At Proama customer service is personalised: each customer has its dedicated consultant who can be contact with directly. In order to maintain this kind of approach, the insurance company required a system that would support the customer-consultant-channel. SAP BCM employs the mechanism of Preferred Agent Routing, which means that customer-consultant -identification happens automatically at the IVR level. SAP BCM identifies the customer within the business system and finds the assigned consultant to direct the incoming call to. That way customers will always reach their dedicated personal consultants. In the case of absence of the consultant a customer can leave a message requesting a call back.

At Proama we realise that in the insurance business customer service is an inherent part of the product, and that is why we decided to introduce dedicated Personal Consultants for those who purchase a policy online or over the phone. Managing the customer consultant channels would not be possible without implementing a professional system like SAP BCM, says  Bogumił Perzyna, Proama Sales Director. The key attributes we were looking for in the system were functionality and a high level of reliability, which Comtrust successfully delivered.

The licence and implementation contract was signed in August 2011 and the system was ready for testing after three months. Contact center SAP BCM is a solution aimed to manage customer service, call center, helpline and telesales departments. It offers a world leading functionality and is available in the standard version as well as in ‘the cloud’. All channels of communication such as phone calls, email, chat, SMS, fax, and www are integrated into one system centrally managed by SAP BCM. At Proama it was additionally integrated with the main insurance system INSIS.

In Poland, SAP BCM is a popular IT solution within the financial field, and it is usually integrated with main business systems.  The system creates and provides access to a comprehensive client profile which facilitates and optimises service and communication.

Proama is a brand of the Polish branch of Groupama, a global insurer with over a hundred years of tradition. Proama began its operation in Poland by offering car insurance. The third party and collision and theft packages offer a wide range of options such as Super Assistance, Personal Accident Insurance (car and home), Redundancy Insurance, and Legal Liability Insurance. Proama products are available through a variety of channels: online, over the phone and through multiagencies. The company is also planning to make use of its long-term experience in the bancassurance field.

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