SAP Conversational AI connected with Amazon Alexa

Oct 4, 2019 | Press Release

Comtrust connected SAP Conversational AI to Amazon Alexa. Most of chatbots like SAP Conversational AI are textual. You can interact with them texting, not speaking. Now, thanks to Comtrust integration both kinds of communications are possible.

Amazon Alexa is a very popular voice assistant around the world. People like to talk to it, especially at home. Now, they can give Alexa different tasks. Alexa being connected to SAP chatbot can manage it.

How it works? When you speak to Alexa and give a task it goes to SAP Conversational AI bot. SAP’s bot handles the conversation and reacts as you thought it. Alexa has to know what to say and how react.

This simple integration can be used in customer service. In finance for example customers can ask chatbot using Alexa to check bank accounts, last payments and transfers, submit some transfer orders, etc. If SAP chatbot needs help because the task is unusual it can contact with a real person. How? If service agents work on SAP Service Cloud in integration with SAP Contact Center and SAP Conversational AI, agents can continue the conversation transferred to them from chatbot.

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