Use your contact center to build a better customer experience


Engage your customers across all points of contact

To build customer loyalty and satisfaction, you have to create a positive experience across all touch points. The goal is to make sure your customer reaches the right person – no matter where the right person is located. It can be difficult when contact volume is high – especially when you manage inbound and outbound communications over multiple channels. Optimizing contact center operations requires more than simply tracking performance and controlling costs. You need fast access to problem solvers.

SAP Contact Center helps you provide consistent and complete customer service. It’s ideal for multisite contact centers with distributed resources. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated with other applications. And it’s natively integrated with the SAP CRM and SAP Hybris. This lets you embed contact center communications data into customer service processes to help customers feel valued and supported.

Use inbound communications to build satisfaction and loyalty

SAP Contact Center provides unified queuing, prioritizing, and routing of all inbound communications – whether they arrive by telephone, e-mail, fax, voice mail, text, chat, or the Web. Intelligent routing helps you connect your customers with experts who can best address their needs, no matter where the experts are. Inquiries that reach a service agent’s desktop arrive with customer-specific information and an interaction history. Access to this kind of detailed information increases resolution rates and reduces the need for consultation and transfers. When integrated with SAP CRM or similar software, SAP Contact Center uses back-end customer data to route the customer to an agent. Intelligent routing and pop-up screens with customer information help speed issue resolution.

Faster resolution means happier customers.

Centralize outbound telemarketing Campaigns

The success of telemarketing initiatives depends on how well you plan and execute them. SAP Contact Center gives you the tools you need to improve the control and agility of your campaigns.

The software enables you to create a virtual, VoIP-based contact center where you can coordinate disconnected or dispersed telesales initiatives into a single networked operation. It helps you minimize unproductive tasks and maximize the performance of your telemarketing programs.

When integrated with SAP CRM, SAP Contact Center helps you streamline the planning, design, and execution of telemarketing campaigns. With relevant data from all customerfacing touch points, you can coordinate campaigns across multiple sites and sales organizations. Use of integrated data also enhances your efforts to segment your audience, set up alerts, take orders, manage contacts, and execute telesales. As you reach predefined contact volumes or service levels, you can switch agents utomatically from outbound to inbound activities

Telemarketing can be a highly effective sales strategy. But only if you reach the right people with the right offer at the right time.

Connect your customers with the right resources

Not all customer inquiries can be handled in your contact center. So it’s important to take advantage of expertise from across your enterprise – whether that means back-office personnel, mobile workers, or other employees.

With SAP Contact Center, your customer service agents can verify the availability of relevant experts across your organization and, if appropriate, conference them in. Quick call routing to the right experts improves the customer experience by reducing the time your customers spend on hold.

With a comprehensive view of problem-solving resources, your organization can respond immediately and effectively to a wide range of customer requests. Faster resolution, anticipation of customer needs, and a high level of personalization all contribute to a customer experience that sets your organization apart from the competition

Make better decisions using real-time and historical data

SAP Contact Center provides access to various tools and data that help you improve operational decision making and enhance customer service:

  • Online monitoring tools give you access to real-time data on current contact volumes, waiting times, and service levels for inbound and outbound activities.
  • An intuitive interface lets you create dash-boards to measure and monitor performance.
  • You can set up alerts that sound an alarm if critical key performance indicators are not being met, enabling you to make immediate adjustments when contact volumes peak.
  • Reporting tools and analytics give you valuable insight into customer behavior. They also let you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team so you can allocate resources more effectively. All data – from a complete management overview to specific drill-down details – is centralized for maximum access and availability.

When SAP Contact Center is integrated with SAP CRM, communications data is combined with transaction data, enabling deeper and broader insight into contact center operations. You can see how often and why customers contact you, which helps you identify the issues requiring the most agent time. With this insight, you can further refine your customer service practices by providing agents with targeted training and by improving self-service options

Reap the benefits of optimized performance

SAP Contact Center helps you streamline inbound and outbound customer communications to build a better customer experience. The software reduces your total cost of ownership because it can be deployed over multiple locations with minimal hardware investment.

No matter where your agents are located, the software helps them work together as part of a unified team dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. Armed with the right tools, technology, and data, your organization is better equipped to make sure that customers get access to the right experts at the right time.

Visibility of real-time and historical customer data helps you make improved staffing decisions. With actionable information at their fingertips, your business leaders don’t have to rely on your IT department or third-party consultants for reports or analysis. You can continuously monitor contact center operations and make the large and small changes that add up to optimized performance, exceptional customer service, and a competitive edge

By managing contact center operations more effectively, you can create a positive and consistent customer experience across all points of contact.

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