Skype in Proama for mass contacts

Jul 17, 2013 | Press Release

Proama introduces Skype as the new channel of communication with customers. Thanks to the contact center SAP BCM integration calls from Skype goes directly to Proama’s National Customer Service Division and are handled in the same way as traditional telephony contacts.

 “Skype is a very popular communication channel therefore companies often make it available to their customers. Generally, this communication is one-to-one. It means that if one customer is talking with an agent other customers can’t access to the company. In Proama, to make Skype contacts mass it was necessary to integrate it with the contact center SAP BCM. The fact that both systems are IP based, the integration went smoothly and without any problems – explains Sebastian Tur, Technical Director at Comtrust.

Skype calls are recognized in the contact center SAP BCM and treated in the same way as standard telephony connections – go to the IVR, where you can select desired options or contact with the preffered agent called “Personal Adviser”. Skype calls are directed to appropriate queues, then monitored and reported. Calls from Skype, as well as the phone ones are recorded and stored in the SAP BCM central-recording- repository.

“We wish Skype to be additional channel of communication with customers, as well as telephone and e-mail are – said Bogumił Perzyna, Sales Director at Proama. It is very easy to contact our National Customer Service Division by Skype  – you click on the Skype logo on and automatically connect to the IVR in SAP BCM.”

The SAP BCM and Skype integration is carried out by the ESCB device (Enterprise Session Border Controller). It ensures complete safety and separates Proama’s network from the Internet. Thanks to this, not only the full security of communication is guaranteed, but also the capacity of contacts is maintained. The integration gives Proama full control over the number of Skype sessions – the system can handle the increase in the traffic, and a sudden pick in the number of connects does not interfere the operating activity of the customer service (National Customer Service Division).

Find out how customers use our products, services and SAP technology. Welcome to contact!

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