SAP Conversational AI

Revolutionize user experiences with chatbots and voicebots. Manage business tasks smoothly by deploying powerful conversational AI interfaces with our end-to-end bot building platform.

What is SAP Conversational AI?

Build innovative chatbots with a comprehensive bot-building platform provided by SAP Conversational AI. Leverage artificial intelligence (AI), world-class language technology, and preconfigured bots to improve the customer experience.

Smart bots

Automate time-consuming tasks from business processes so your resources can focus on value-added tasks. SAP Conversational AI offers market-defining digital experience capabilities to empower customers to boost people productivity and engagement.
Create, train, implement and monitor smart bots. Deliver personalized conversations at scale anytime, anywhere, and on any device using our proprietary multilingual natural language processing (NLP) technology.

End-to-end chatbot platform for the enterprise

Cloud deployment
Powerful multilingual technology
End-to-end bot building platform
Preconfigured industry-specific bots
Integration with external and internal channels

Why SAP Conversation AI?

Bots in any language

Interact with customers with the same level of accuracy in multiple languages. A trilingual chatbot can easily switch between languages during a conversation.


Deploy voice-activated chatbots for telephony networks, Google Home, Alexa and Cortana, in addition to text-activated chatbots.

Highly performing technology

Leverage the power of our highly performing NLP technology capable of building human-like AI chatbots in any language.

Simply UX

We’ve made a bot platform all teams can smoothly use.


Integration with SAP and non-SAP solutions.

Low-code development

Easy to use and fast implementation.

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