SAP AG signs agreement with Comtrust

Jan 7, 2010 | Press Release

Warsaw, – January 27, 2010 – Comtrust Sp. z o.o. today announced that it has signed agreement with SAP AG for providing the SAP Business Communications Management  software in a Software-as-a-Service model. Comtrust gained rights to offer SAP Business Communications Management on the Polish market and all other countries of the European Economic Area. Comtrust joins the growing ecosystem of companies providing the on-demand SAP contact center solution.

Comtrust, the Warsaw-based ICT provider has signed an agreement with SAP AG for the provision of SAP Business Communications Management to the Polish market. Under the terms of the agreement, Comtrust will be able to offer the software in a true on-demand fashion to companies of any size and from any industry. The offering is expected to go live in early summer.

SAP Business Communications Management is all-IP telephony software that enables a single, integrated system to be used for both customer service and enterprise telephony. It provides a flexible, multichannel business communications platform including inbound and outbound contact centers for marketing and sales groups, field operations and event outside contractors. The software is one of few telecommunication systems in the world fully adapted to SaaS model. Globally, over 300 companies have been using SAP Business Communications Management for years, both as in-house and SaaS implementations. In Poland it successfully supports daily operations of call centers in several companies and organizations from different market sectors like: finance & banking, media, manufacturing. All these implementations were provided as in-house installations. Starting from now the system is available in SaaS.

Software as a service (SaaS) becomes very popular model of adopting IT systems. Frequently it is also called service on-demand. SaaS enables software utilization without extended implementation time and high upfront investments. Customers just rent world-class software from a provider, as Comtrust is. SaaS eliminates capital expenditures and reduces IT costs dramatically. Financial benefits and flexibility make SaaS so popular.

The most import advantages of SAP Business Communications Management in SaaS model are: short implementation time (“off-hand”), lack of infrastructure investments, low installation costs, monthly fee adequate to system utilization (calculated based on real agents working time) and access to full SAP Business Communications Management functionality. The browser-based application is widely accessible – agents can log in the system from everywhere. Additionally, customers do not need to think over system administration and maintenance – Comtrust consultants and specialists do this as a part of SaaS offer.

About Comtrust: Comtrust Sp. z o.o. is a Warsaw-based ICT provider specialized in call/contact center solutions, integration and consulting services.

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