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Within SAP CX, SAP AI strategy focus on three key areas: Predictive, Generative and Conversational AI. Let’s take a look at how SAP Customer Experience is using AI into the flow of work for eCommerce, Marketing, Sales and Service teams.

Predictive AI

SAP uses AI and ML to analyse huge amounts of CX and ERP data. This deep analysis is not just numbers; it is about understanding customer behaviour, preferences and potential needs.

With SAP Emarsys – predictive AI allows marketers to reach customers anywhere, at just the right moment, with precisely tailored products and content suggestions. Features like predictive customer segments, send time optimization, channel personalization and predictive recommendations are a core part of the product – helping anticipate and automate marketing campaigns that capture attention and convert.

In SAP Sales Cloud, predictive AI helps ensure that organizations prioritize leads, opportunities, and contacts based on health and propensity to win. Features like Lead & Opportunity Scoring and Sentiment & relationship analysis help sales teams prioritize their efforts more effectively.

With SAP Commerce Cloud – predictive AI is powering real-time personalization, recommendations, and merchandising to help drive conversions. Intelligent Selling Services helps you anticipate and automate the right product recommendations to deliver personalized shopping experiences.

With SAP Customer Data Platform – predictive AI is focused on real-time insights to help make data driven decisions. SAP platform connects front and back-office data with industry intelligence, enabling highly personalized customer experiences. The platform offers a model that help predict customer churn risk, to segment those customers into a marketing campaign with a compelling offer – helping get ahead of churn and increase retention.

Generative AI

Generative AI is about creation. Whether it is simulating new data, crafting content, or modeling different scenarios.

What sets SAP apart is how it integrates AI capability with actual business data and processes. itis about contextual creation. Features like intelligent product catalog management, Q&A, customer profiles and role based AI tools help automate time-consuming tasks and quickly analyse data from across the enterprise to increase productivity and gain valuable insights that deliver more personalized experiences for customers.

Sales AI Tools are designed to cater to different sales roles. They utilize customer experience data to generate tailored prompts. The system suggests discovery questions based on the customer’s past interactions, helping you uncover their specific needs and pain points. It recommends email templates and content that are proven to resonate with prospects in similar situations, saving time and increasing chances of success.

AI extracts and enriches your product tags, and gives your merchandising a boost and takes your catalog to new heights and automatically tag products with specific attributes streamlining the shopping experience for your customers.

Personalized Product Descriptions

Generative AI transforms your customer experience by crafting personalized product descriptions that enrich your catalog data. With AI, customers experience becomes more personal as they see product descriptions tailored to their preferences and needs.

Visual Search

Your customers can simply upload an image and AI delivers quick and accurate search results. It is a game-changer for improving products discovery.

Commerce AI Tools

Tools are designed to streamline commerce-related tasks based on CX data. For example, customer support agents can use AI-generated prompts to generate blog posts or FAQs. These tools are tailored to different commerce roles and departments.  


Service AI Tools are designed to streamline your workflow and provide valuable assistance. These tools analyse customer interactions and suggest responses, case overviews, and even more efficient ways to solve issues.

Intelligent Q&A

AI scans the conversation with a customer and automatically detects questions. It then provides accurate answers from your company’s knowledge base. This not only speeds up response times but also ensures consistent and reliable information.

CX Record Summarization

CX Record Summarization feature summaries cases and provides insights into customer issues, the path to resolution, sentiment analysis, and responsiveness metrics. This enables you to make data-driven decisions and keep everyone on the same page when it comes to customer service.

With SAP Emarsys – generative AI helps marketers create compelling content that delivers the right message to the right audience. Features like subject line generation and content block generation are planned for the product – helping marketers anticipate and automate many of factors involved in running marketing campaigns that capture attention and convert.

With SAP Sales Cloud – generative AI helps sales professionals with concise, actionable insights. Features like account summarization, contact summarization and talking points help sellers automate data analysis and personalize their interactions to build meaningful relationships.

With SAP Service Cloud – generative AI gets agents up to speed faster, enhances agent efficiency and also significantly improves the overall customer experience. Features like case summarization and email generation are planned for the product – help agents instantly grasp the issue, lead to quicker, more accurate responses – and eliminate manual responses, ensuring trustworthy answers, saving time for agents and customers alike. For example Email Generation feature generates email drafts including status order confirmation. Case Summarization automatically (keywords and topics) fetches long email from a customer and pre-process it.

Conversational AI

Chatbots are becoming omnipresent in customer service, and there’s a reason for that.

Joule – the AI copilot, revolutionizes how you interact with your SAP business systems, making every touchpoint count and every task simpler. Joule, with its advanced capabilities, integrates data from various sources, providing the user with a comprehensive overview and valuable insights, and improved decision-making.

The next generation of AI creates new processes and transforms business performance. In this manner, we see processes optimization shifting from enhancement based on industry-standards to fully reconfigured based on end-to-end insights spanning finance, supply chain, HR, sales, and more.

SAP combines the power of generative AI with the context of business data and business processes and applies fine-tuning and prompt engineering at scale. This allows SAP to turn otherwise generic results into ones that are tailored to your business. These results are built into the SAP applications that business users use every day.

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