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With the SAP Customer Experience (CX) suite you can address all aspects of your business activities, get a 360-degree customer’s view and offer excellent customer experience.

SAP Customer Experience is the new-gen CRM suite of five cloud solutions for marketing, commerce, sales, service and customer data. It is more than CRM systems we used to know. It is tailored to the client-oriented approach where each customer expects instant interaction regardless of time and location and where companies must do their best to get to know their customer intimately. It works in tandem with a ERP system and is supplemented by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. It is also able to collect and analyse data from various sources.

Traditional CRM systems treat sales, marketing and customer service department as modules functioning separately. SAP CX unifies them into the coherent system and makes all departments working as one so, that each one is automatically notified about all business activities. SAP CX gives you tools you need to perfectly meet your customer expectations – anytime, anywhere, anyhow! And it allows you to focus on what matters most: your customers.

SAP Customer Experience – Five industry-leading cloud-solutions

Five industry-leading cloud-solution portfolios cover full customer journey. Starting from Marketing, following Commerce and Sales till Service. All clouds cross in Data and work in perfect harmony.

1. SAP Marketing Cloud

Marketing is the first step of business success. If you optimize marketing and treat customers as individuals, you will increase your revenue significantly. You should focus your efforts on audiences that are profitable. How to do it? SAP Marketing Cloud empowers marketers to successful demand generation, increase lead conversions and ultimately drive more sales. This suite helps you identify target groups and create successful personalized marketing campaigns. Such campaigns can automatically run across multi channels, such as phone, email, social media or SMS, and react quickly to changes on the market.

SAP Marketing Cloud tools help you in deeper understanding of customer interests, sentiments and behaviours with the help of profile dashboards, sentiment engagement and customer journey insight tools. Due to an easy-to-understand visual interface, you can see an unified customer view as well as a high-volume segmentation of your audience. You identify and progressively enrich customers profiles, while building relationships. You can consolidate all your company marketing plans, analytics, KPIs, budgeting and tracking into one single view. With machine learning analysis you measure the incremental impact of all marketing activities.

2. SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud easily addresses high expectations of B2C and B2B companies and provides omnichannel sales and marketing experiences leveraging the “headless commerce” approach. This means that you can reach your customers through multiple touchpoints, including web, mobile, POS, social networks, interactive kiosks and more.
Small and midsize enterprises from various industries can adapt SAP Commerce Cloud to their unique requirements due to out-of-the-box industry-specific accelerators (e.g. financial, travel and telecom industries, and for local government agencies). Such modules are designed with the focus on these specific sectors, so they can meet their challenges easily.
Product information is stored in a centralized content repository which let you manage large amounts of products simultaneously. You can сreate catalogues based on various attributes, upload images, publish and edit descriptions, define pricing rates and define rules for personalized offers. This helps you save time and ensure data consistency.
Commerce Cloud achieves end-to-end inventory visibility by centralizing order and inventory management in real time across the organization. If products are in stock, they can be ordered; as soon products are sold out, they become unavailable for order. The system manages order management and coordinates orders coming in from numerous touchpoints.

3. SAP Sales Cloud

Quite often it happens that customers are interacting with a company through various channels, but the sales team has no real visibility into those interactions. As a result, the company has no chance to impact the customer’s decisions effecting with sales increase.
SAP Sales Cloud is the world’s most complete sales software solution. This is a pure cloud, mobile-first solution that can help you sell your products or services more effectively by organizing successful sales activities based on your overall control of the customer’s buying journey.
With SAP Sales Cloud you can enhances your sales reps’ day-to-day work experience, while improving customer experiences and accelerating the buying process. Your reps work anywhere with mobile online and offline capabilities and see their compensation while configuring quotes.
The solution offers easy-to-use dashboards for sales performance management and customizable home page with detailed information on metrics and KPIs. Its main features are the real-time engagement with your customers, configuration of price and quote (CPQ), dynamic visit planning, sales automation and customer feedback management. It offers predictive analytics and smooth integration with your business systems (SAP or non-SAP). By monitoring your customer behaviour via SAP Sales Cloud, you will gain valuable insights that you can turn into effective actions. This will be your best opportunity for converting leads and driving sales.

4. SAP Service Cloud

Today’s customers expect instant problem-solving and if they don’t get seamless interaction they are likely to abandon your brand and switch to your rivals. SAP Service Cloud helps you to make service the heart of your customer experience by bridging the gap between front-office engagements and back-office processes.
SAP Service Cloud is an end-to-end service management solution that enables unified processing of users’ queries across every channel before and after purchase, keeping your clients happy and loyal. The suite helps you to create a single view of the customer to better serve them, based on service history and interactions with other departments.
The support service is based on conversational AI chatbots that use advanced language processing to imitate natural conversation and deliver a high-quality experience. Chatbots are available 24/7, which means that users get consistent and attentive help so, call-center agents do not get exhausted. If a chatbot can’t resolve an issue, it transfers full notes from the chat to a human agent who instantly continues the conversation with the customer. You can save money, time and take care of the image – if AI does simple and repetitive tasks then people can focus on solving more complex issues.
SAP Service Cloud is extended with SAP Field Service Management (FSM). You can increase customer satisfaction and efficiency of your service processes by receiving, planning, and completing repair, maintenance and installation orders quickly and easily. SAP’s Field Service Management helps you do this with intelligent resource and workforce scheduling, transparent communication with customers, and comprehensive self-service portal. All this helps shorten response times and increase customer satisfaction, boosting sales in the long term.

5. SAP Customer Data Cloud

Great customer experience should not be only based on convenience and personalization but on trust, as well. For example, you can earn your customers’ trust by collecting and processing their personal data only in accordance with their consent and legislation.
SAP Customer Data Cloud allows you to turn anonymous visitors into loyal customers while growing your audience, building trust and personalizing customer relationships based on transparency and personal data control. It is an advanced customer data management solution designed to help businesses address data protection regulations (f.e. GDPR and other regional data protection regulations), while still engaging meaningfully with their customers.

The main SAP Customer Data Cloud capabilities are: secure registration and login, authentication and consent management, unified customer profile creation and analysis, accurate audience segmentation, data unification and consistency across the entire ecosystem due to the integration with other SAP CX clouds. Offering users data transparency and control means engaging with them on their terms which can help you gain their trust during and long after your digital interaction.
With SAP Customer Data Cloud you demonstrate respect to customers privacy and build a loyal audience, gain a deeper understanding of your audience and create unobtrusive personalized offerings in line with user needs.

The Best for Customer Engagement

SAP Customer Experience places customers at the center of your business and helps you shape your activities to their needs and desires. This is the agile and scalable platform which responds quickly to any changes or new user needs due to microservices architecture, with bundle of extensions and integration capabilities. You can customize the solution to your unique requirements and go to market in the shortest possible time.
SAP Customer Experience is All-in-One Solution. SAP has created a unique digital ecosystem that integrates everything you need for marketing, sales, customer service and commerce. Moreover, it ensures seamless integration with third-party systems. SAP CX portfolio is the best software for delivering end-to-end user experience and accelerating sales.
With SAP Customer Experience the focus is on the customer – even in the age of omnichannel retailing. You can engage your customers with individual offers and a personalized approach in the digital realm so that you know today what your customer will need tomorrow.

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