The Best Tech for the Best Customer Engagement

Your ability to drive growth and revenue this holiday season will certainly be determined by your customer engagement strategy. It will also be determined by your technology. Customers may be more eager to spend during the holiday, but it doesn’t mean their expectation for highly satisfying personalized experiences on the channels they prefer is diminished — and the technology you have impacts whether you can deliver those channel-agnostic experiences. As you evaluate your technology here are a few must-haves to include:

Integrated Tech Stack

To deliver personalized, relevant, and seamless omnichannel experiences that will really impress your customer and secure their loyalty, you need to have a 360-degree view of the customer. That requires a customer engagement solution that allows you to bring your data together into one single, integrated source. With an integrated tech stack, you’ll gain deeper customer insights, a better understanding of the customer lifecycle, and the ability to deliver more personalized recommendations, offers, and other content.

Personalization Engine

A sophisticated personalization engine is required to go beyond the basic personalized content your competitors can do. Seek out an AI-powered personalization engine that enables you to view and understand rich customer profiles, build and modify 1:1 campaigns on the fly, add relevant product recommendations to messages, use predictive segmentation, and review the impact of your efforts.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Automation saves your marketing team time and effort, even for simple campaigns. It also empowers your team to deliver sophisticated omnichannel journeys at scale — which is a must during the critical holiday season. Ensure you have the automation capabilities to quickly and flexibly launch holiday campaigns, modify them on the fly, scale them across all your channels, and deploy them automatically at the right time for maximum impact.

Strategies and Tactics

Having to build key campaigns individually by hand can take great effort when you need to move fast. You’ll want to have a customer engagement solution with built-in strategies and tactics that can be deployed out of the box or easily customized to fit your particular campaign or branding needs.

Built-In AI and Analytics

The holiday season gives you a short window of time to maximize growth and revenue. So if your marketing is reactive, rather than proactive, you might be too late in driving the engagement that increases business results. Artificial intelligence allows you to leverage data to better anticipate your customers’ needs, always meeting them with the right content at the right place and time. Having analytics built into your platform allows you to see your marketing impact in real time, so you can do more of what’s working… or adjust what isn’t. To get the best outcomes during the holidays, seek out a solution with built-in AI and analytics.

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