Comtrust introduces Benemen, the newest telecommunications and call center solution based on Skype-for-Business (MS Lync). It is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Thanks to this offer Microsoft customers can take advantages from homogenous environment for software, telcom and database. This provides substantial functionality, business and financial advantages not only during implementation time but also long term. Comtrust with Benemen solution offers new business value for MSD – improved customer satisfaction and increased performance of sales, service and marketing.


Waiting only few seconds to connect with hotline, dedicated agents adapted to real needs of customers and problems solved during first contact with the call center. Those are the latest trends in customer service designed by the biggest companies. As it turns out – it is possible to be achieved in Microsoft environment by integration MD CRM and Benemen telecommunications and call center solution offered by

Features on-Demand in Cloud

Any integration of different vendors systems, especially call/contact center and CRM, is sophisticated and expensive, and certain functions can’t be done. That is why it is so important to have the same technology for both areas – databases and telecommunications.

So far there was lack of this kind of telecommunication solution dedicated Microsoft customers. That is why Comtrust together with Benemen offers cloud telecommunication solution based on Lync (Skype-for-Business).

Let’s make more use of Lync (Skype) in sales!

Comtrust with Benemen solution enhances Lync with call center functions and integrates business communication and telecommunication, including mobile. This means that all contacts with customers, no matter how they reach the company are monitored and recorded. This is particularly unique in the case of mobile. MSD CRM gets call center tools based on Microsoft technology. One vendor systems are compatible and ensure environment sustainability.

Why it is not possible to integrated Lync and CRM directly and use them for customer service in call canter?

It is well known that Lync is mostly used for communication within the company. To increase its potential and coverage you should invested in infrastructure and call center software, additionally integrate them with MSD. Even if your organization has both MSD CRM and Lync, it lacks necessary elements to run call center – those related to infrastructure and software. That clearly means that such software and hardware you must purchase as well as the very expensive connector to integrate different vendors IT solutions i.e. CRM and call center. So far this attitude was the practice because there was no call center software so Microsoft technology friendly. Now thanks to Comtrust and Benemen offer Polish companies can create one homogenous Microsoft environment for CRM, call center and communication. You can select the best offer for you from different range of functional packages on favourable financial terms.

MSD CRM & Benemen Innovative Examples

CRM’s role is to collect and analyze information about customers, however without call center it is unproductive. The more precise is the integration between them, the more productive they are and the more efficient business is.

Shorten Waiting Time in Queues – due to Lync (Skype-for-Business) mechanism Benemen transfers calls to the right person, independently if he works on softphone, telephone or mobile. Calls don’t go to those being engaged in eg. conversation or presentation. The time to reach the right person in the company (by the customer and co-worker), is a cost and can be competitive advantage.

Personalized service – agents and accounts provide conversation with customer having the customer’s cart automatically open in MSD CRM. Agents take into account customer individual preferences.

First Contact Resolution  customers thanks to appropriate routing mechanisms go to the right person with right skills, who can see on one screen all necessary information about each customer – his preferences, previous contacts and purchases, prognosis. No need to switch between systems to solve the problem during one conversation.

Implementing both Prioritization and Preferred Agent Routing at the same time – Customers with higher priority wait less in queues. All customers receive the same high level service provided by dedicated agents and accounts available in Lync. Benemen call routing roles are richer than in any other call center solution. Benemen after integration with MSD CRM, analyzes not only who is assigned in CRM to each customer but also where and which devices to redirect the call. Thus, one agent can work on headphones, another on mobile – all devices are visible for CRM and call center systems.

Reporting – BIG DATA without big investments

Reports are a very important part of Benemen solution offered by Comtrust. They are extremely crucial and useful tool for managers and CEOs. You can use all information – telecommunications, Lync and CRM data to generate complex reports. For managers collective reporting is now a key tool in decision-making process. In customer service it is not so important how much time a customer was waiting to connect with hotline, but how you can compare it to other data in CRM, the customer’s purchases and behavior. Telecommunications data in isolation from CRM data is not worthy, event can’t give any value. Benemen reporting offers exactly what managers are looking for. That is why we dedicated to put special attention to reporting topic and prepare a specific white paper about it soon.

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