Gamifying in SAP Customer Experience


SAP Service Cloud is one of SAP Customer Experience clouds which is dedicated to customer service. One of its innovative area is motivating agents by “gamifying”. Where is the relationship between  “gamifying” and customer experience? Gamifying motivates employees and gives them positive work experience. Without personal experience there is no positive customer experience.

Gamifying in SAP Service Cloud empower your customer service agents and you can see results immediately after implementation. It enables your teams to work in ways that help them to perform to their very best and exceed their targets. Based on innovative gaming strategy it gives the tools and knowledge necessary to increase employee satisfaction and motivates them to deliver better customer experience. It is combined with the organization’s KPIs and goals and game is in friendly competition and cooperation. Feedback is transparent, in real-time and helps teams know what they are doing well and where they need to improve.

Gamifying adapts rules from games to daily work. But it’s not about fun but diversifying your work, breaking routines and above all, about achieving business targets. Motivated teams have more power to do their daily duties and take care of positive customer experience. We play games because we like it and can see results of our activities and finally, we are glad with prizes. Games trigger positive emotions and relieve tension. Therefore, gamifying works against job burnout and gives positive experiences.

Gamifying applies especially in organisations and departments where tasks are repetitive and routine and where are young teams. This issue greatly concerns contact centers – both inbound (hotlines, helpdesk and customer service) and as well as outbound (telemarketing and telesales). In such situations it is necessary to integrate SAP Service Cloud with SAP Contact Center.

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