SAP Contact Center and Business Intelligence

Dec 6, 2018 | Press Release

In response to growing demand from customer service for analytics SAP Contact Center introduces SAP Business Objects – the advanced Business Intelligence Platform. Out-of-the-box reports are provided with both SAP Business Objects WebIntelligence and Microsoft Reporting Services reporting tools. Customers may use both or choose their preferred option.

Business Intelligence (BI) tools help organisations to draw data from multiple sources to build comprehensive and consolidated reports. In customer service BI combines data from various areas, e.g. people and their skills, products and sales, time and productivity, experience and loyalty. Your performance will be better, if you understand your customers behaviour better. You should know how, when and why customers are contacting you and what they expect. You should also identify  bottlenecks and positive or negative experience. If you what to influence customers behaviour you should understand them and constantly measure and report your contact center improvement and consolidate several types of data. That’s why your customer service managers need SAP BusinessObjects which is multi-dimensional big data analytics.

“SAP BusinessObjects consolidates transaction and communication data and thereby increases both CRM and contact center reporting capabilities – said Waldemar Wojtas, Solution Architect w Comtrust. Managers identify trends and solve problems more effectively. Different reporting possibilities and in-depth reports help find answers to questions faster and more accurately. When you get the answer for your questions it often raises further questions, so you still need to dig deeper and search data again. Advantages as flexibility of the tool, insight into details, colour indicators for different trends and the fact the you can freely select and change parameters at any time when viewing the report are helpful in this job. Thanks to SAP BusinessObjects it is revealing and creative journey.”

In the case of integrated SAP CRM and SAP Contact Center environment managers get full insight into their business. Contact data is mapped in CRM with customer data so you can combine them according to non-standard criteria and freely present. Dashboards provide information on the effectiveness of processes, you can monitor how you are progressing with your service tickets and meeting the sales targets. With such powerful analytical tools, you can capture what is invisible at first glance and make the right decisions quickly.

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